Back in February I asked the question “Is the 2013 Eagles QB competition truly open?” and came to the conclusion that, yes, it was. Direct quotes from Chip Kelly himself backed up that sentiment. Then we witnessed Michael Vick and Nick Foles (and to a lesser extent, Matt Barkley) split time with the first team in OTAs, as confirmed by numerous beat writers.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, we still find some people, especially media members, unable to accept the fact that it’s an open job. For whatever reason, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the Eagles QB situation. It’s disappointing that this topic has to be revisited again and again… but here we are.

Here’s a couple of tweets that encapsulate what I’m talking about. Note that I’m not trying to indict these people for their opinions, but rather display the (what I feel to be) incorrect assumptions they represent. NFLosophy and Evan Silva are both good follows on Twitter if you like football. 

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